Trailer Editing Process

  1. Screen your film and review any supplemental marketing materials
  2. Discuss ideas and agree on a strategy for the trailer
  3. Create and upload a first cut of the trailer
  4. Incorporate feedback and deliver a second cut
  5. Repeat feedback cycle until you are happy!
  6. Discuss final tweaks and lock picture for delivery

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Cinebird?

We are an indie friendly trailer house comprised of editors and filmmakers who are passionate about movies and helping them find their audience.

Our mission is to provide you with an effective trailer with which to promote your film while staying within budget constraints.

How can I be sure you’ll make a trailer I love?

We take a collaborative approach with producers. Once we watch your film, we’ll discuss your marketing goals and settle on an overall strategy, tone and structure for the trailer.

We pride ourselves in making trailers that our filmmaking clients will be thrilled with as they promote their work.

What is the logic behind your prices?

Indie filmmakers often have a difficult time finding a reputable, affordable trailer house with whom to work. Many companies charge $15,000 – $30,000 which ultimately prices out so many indies.

In this new era of regional filmmaking, we believe there is a big need for an approachable, professional company that is indie friendly. Our goal as a company is to demystify the process and provide a professional trailer which meets your marketing needs and fits within a tight post-production budget. An effective trailer takes a certain amount of time, money and expertise – and we are making the service available to anyone who needs a great trailer.

Cinebird is in Oregon?

Yes, Oregon is a great place to work in film, although many of us at Cinebird are either LA or NY transplants. We love living in this beautiful region where there is little traffic, and the cost of living is affordable.

Does my trailer need color correction and a studio sound mix?

We recommend color correction & a studio mix if you’re taking your film to the marketplace. But it’s entirely up to you depending on your needs. Sometimes producers just need a private link to show something preliminary to investors. A rough sound mix is included in the trailer edit.

Can you deliver a DCP for theaters?

Yes, we can deliver DCP at an additional cost.

Can you deliver faster?

Yes, we can rush a project, if necessary, and complete a trailer in one to two weeks. However the entire process usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on the number of feedback cycles.